A town of about 5000 residents, one of the largest in the area. Also called the Little Vale, it is a replication of the Great Vale in miniature. After a fashion. It is uncertain if the Jenn were responsible for it's construction — certainly they are responsible for the [[Moressley's Colossi]] – but most of the town has been built (or built over) within the last millennia.

Inns & Taverns

There are dozens of places to belly up to a bar and order a pint. Among these:

The Blind Basilisk: A tavern with a reputation as seedy vaguely unsettling as its mascot. On the north side of the river, it features a common room that hosts entertainment most nights of the week (sometimes young dragonborn feeling their oats).

The Red Gremlin: A crossbow tavern (long and narrow) whose chief notable feature is its proximity to the guard station. There will be guards here (on and off duty) at any time the doors are open.

The Harper and Chain: One of Moressley's four Inns. It is built around a small courtyard that doubles as an amphitheater for larger scale and more elaborate performances.




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