Dragon's Perch

Session 5 - Collision Course

Wherein the adventurers are at last united...

Lilia is to meet Jimmy at 'The Perch,' a high spot on the outside of the wall that bounds Moressley's posh southern district. She slips past the gate guardsmen as they brace a carriage of well-to-do residents, tumbling over the wall and into the manicured walks and gardens between the palatial manners. Thiefly reflexes atingle, she sets off through the avenues in search of a way over the wall — much easier from the inside. She deftly diverts a doddering groundskeeper, by convincing him she'd seen a rabbit. He is alarmed! Rabbits are destructive! Humans are so, so very gullible.

Except Jimmy. He's as cagey as they come. 

Lilia finds a place to climb the wall and drop down to the perch, climbing hand-over-hand carefully to what was, once, a balcony, of some sort – a balcony with no house behind it, only blank, mortared stone wall rising more than 10 paces up and down from the prominence. She arrives at the meeting spot with no sign of Jimmy. And no clear indication of how he appears right behind her. Jimmy is pissed. To protest her innocence, Lilia gave her alibi as planning a heist with known associates of Jimmy's at one of his known places of only-somewhat-legitimate business. Ever the machinator, however, Jimmy sees the dragonborn's escape as an opportunity to draw the Guard out on a merry chase. He sets Lilia the task of finding the 'murderer' and helping her stay one step ahead of the Guards. But only one step… while he… attends to other business. Lilia sets off on this new task, slinking through the streets, listening for tips or tidbits about where her targets might have gotten to. She hears a crazed woman talking of 'a starfall on the plateau' and that it is a great omen. Of what, she's not terribly clear. A brother spots Lilia and after a flurry of signals, she heads east, ending up in a graveyard (where she shamelessly trawls the graves for offerings for the dead – finding a strange set of bone pipes)…


Edu, assensing with characteristic acuity, that Ixanti is, in fact, the target of the Guards' search also decides that the Guards have overstepped their authority under the law and judged her guilty out of turn and much, much too hastily. He quickly draws up the loan papers for Reynard and sends Sayid with Reynard to fetch the bargained-for goods (a set of chainmail armor for Ixanti). He has suspicions, but no real knowledge. Remaining purposefully ignorant of any crimes the two may or may not have committed, Edu sends Lyria and Ixanti out to verify the death fo a client he has good reason to believe is, in truth, dead. The man's last known location – a cave shrine in the deep forest to the east and north. The two head for the eastern gate, stopping by the riverside to gather mud with which to darken Ixanti's scales so that she can pass the guards. 


Lyria and Ixanti play it cool waiting in a queue to leave the eastern gate. Guards are checking wagons and cargo for smuggled murderers. Grumbling townsfolk and traders line up, waiting inspection. Lilia, emerging from the graveyard with her ill-gotten flute gain, spies the two fugitives. She recognizes them from the square, despite their attempts to change their appearance. The Guards, however, totally let Lyria and Ixanti pass. Someone really enterprising would take these Guards in hand and train them properly, though perhaps it serves the powers that be in Moressley if the Guards aren't exceptionally competent. Who knows? 

Out on the road, the three are finally reunited, separating themselves from the smattering of travelers in wagons, afoot, or on horseback. Ixanti greets 'THE ARCHITECT OF HER FREEDOM' with hale and hearty welcome. Lyria is less certain, she finds the elf's presence suspicious. Lilia is certain Ixanti and Lyria are… let's simply say 'less than elven,' but she has a job to do if she wants to keep both eyes intact. And so an uneasy (save Ixanti) fellowship is struck and the travelers trek west. 

Next time: The Circus Comes to Town



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