Dragon's Perch

Session 2 - Adventure Begins!

Daggers for everyone! You get a dagger, and you get a dagger...

We spent about half of this session finalizing character information, finishing gear selections, filling out a cheatsheet reference for me, and going over how rolls are generated. That stuff done we began to play…

A new day begins in Moressley, a small-to-middling sized town in the westernmost frontier of the lands claimed in recent (by elven standards) history. Moressley sits on the river Drisk which is a tributary to the Luithcruidyr - the Gray Wanderer – the river that strikes through the Great Vale. Over night, the was a grisly murder and the morning after… an execution. 

Swift Justice. Or is it?

Atreyu is in Moressley to study with a small cabal. It was on errands for these learned folks that he was snatched into a parlor and ensorceled with a Geas by the locally famous Cleric, Jaehanna the Just. 

That same day, Lilia was planning a heist with some 'friends' at The Blind Basilisk. The common room was rowdy, no one was paying them too much mind (a young dragonborn lass, Ixanti, was living it up in the big city on her first foray from the lands of her birth). Lilia, to her dismay, stumbled upon the freshly murdered body of Jaehanna the Just in an alley near the Basilisk. She was arrested! She was ultimately let got, but only after (inadvertently?) incriminating Ixanti and exonerating herself. Quote of the night: 'I couldn't have been killing anyone… I was planning to rob things.' One-eye Jimmy may have some 'words' for Lilia. Released by morning, Lilia makes her way to the town square where a gallows is being erected. 

ENTER: Lyria. The halfling paladin is escorting a merchant about his business. The merchant's donkey begins to buck as the town square fills up abuzz with the news of an execution in the wake of Jaehanna's shocking murder. 

The accused: Ixanti. A young cleric embarked upon a rite of passage which will end rather soon at the end of a rope on the town square of Moressely while the Drisk flows on. 

But did they stand for this?! NO. Atreyu cast illusory smoke on the scaffolding while Ixanti began to struggle with her captors. Lilia, under the awesome cover of that illusory smoke (whoops! Someone failed a WILL check) attempted to sneak onto the scaffolding. Some onlookers don't see her, and some do! (so many failed WILL checks). Lyria advanced on the gallows and clambered up, stalwart champion that she is and took a swing at the guard being thrashed by Ixanti's struggle. Atreyu, mischief managed, faded into the milling throng. Lilia, the star of her legend rising and falling by turns (and rolls), critically fails to climb the scaffolding and falls under it. Oh! Trap door! 

More guards are arriving.

What will happen next?



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